Curious about the cities of Los Angeles, California?

City Walks, Nature Walks, Story Walks, T'ai Chi/Chi Kung Walks -- short, sweet, easy, complete. For leisure, education, entertainment and the pleasure of being.

Whether you are a resident or tourist explorer, there are places in Los Angeles that you may not have known were there. On the other hand, you may want to know the story of a place you pass all the time.

About RdWalks —
Tour Guide

  • Rd is your tour guide.
  • Why Walks?
    For your amusement
    For your edutainment
    For your curiosity
  • What Cities?
    Los Angeles and the surrounding areas
    Custom cities and country walks available upon request
  • What should you bring?
    Your inquisitiveness; love of adventure; joie de vivre and a bottle of water
  • What should you wear?
    Wear comfortable walking shoes; and clothes suited to the weather of the day.

City Walks —
Looking around

One block or many!


Tourist Spots

Bus n' Train



What is a City Walk?

The tourist's mecca! Also, the perfect way for the rest of the family to spend a portion of the day while the business-partner is in a meeting or presentation.

This type of walk is particularly fit for the resident, tourist and city-explorer.

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Nature Walks —
For hearts of all ages

In the midst of urban sprawl or not!


Natural Areas - Eco

Simple to Hardy



What's Natural?

Are there natural areas in urban sprawl? Indeed there are. These tiny oases are ever-waiting to surprise us all!

For the adventurer in you, consider a Nature Walk!

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Story Walks —
Everything has a tale

So many choices!




Myth, Fairy Tale, Fae


What is a Story Walk?

A walk based on a story. But aren't they all?

These are "storyteller" short stories -- pieced together with the landscape.

For instance, on a Canidae-based theme walk: we stroll by a fire department, the short story is about a dalmation puppy name Spot. Further into the walk we find a coyote statue at Hope/Grand Park -- the short story is about Trickster Coyote.

This type of walk is particularly fit for the young-at-heart. It's also a favorite of families.

  • And, quite frankly, my speciality!
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Custom Walks, Events,
and Celebrations

Whatever the event in your life, a walk can be created for it. If you need a walk customized to your building, locale, neighborhood, new neighborhood, it's doable!

Get-togethers, celebrations, birthdays, docenting tours of an area — structured to *your* audience.

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Questions? Thoughts? Brainstorms?

By all means, ask them, express them, and build on them!

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Rd Plasschaert

I am your tour guide, docent, exploring and adventuring facilitator, and awareness awakener! It's always a pleasure to be a part of your day!