About studio rd

studio rd is the label for my passionate endeavours—Advocacy; Performance Artist; Tour Guide; BodyMindSpirit.

Rd Plasschaert is my name. It's me, the person, the one writing and producing this website. And yes, it's the name on my driver's license. It's just the same as the name of Sally Doe, or Johnny Appleseed, or Jonathan Livingston Seagull, or your name—except it's my name. ::grin::

Each of the facets of existence: Work, Play, and LifeStyle happen each moment of living. It is fallacy to think of them as separate.

Meet my Facets

Life is not about finding ourselves. Life is about creating ourselves.

Author Unknown


Rd Plasschaert      Artist of Life

The street self. The one who does the dishes; cooks; figures out when and where the buses will be.

The facets I tout are Advocacy, Performance Artist, Tour Guide, and BodyMindSpirit.

I am neither a specialist, nor a generalist. I am an Artist of Life.

Lost Awareness      Advocacy

It took a change of mind to think of myself as an advocate. In my old mind to ascribe to the label of “advocate”, you had to have some certificate stating you had *expertise*. Also, you had to have a right -- and that right was given to you by someone outside yourself.

Bulltwinkies, hogwash, and flap-doodle!

What you do need is passion, belief in yourself, and a willingness to take continued action on what you perceive to be healthy and balanced.

Granted, it is lovely to have a supportive network around you, however, sometimes it is true that you are the voice in the wilderness at a given moment.

Dusty Skye      Performance Artist

My magic is the spoken word. A spoken word artiste, if you will.

One of my spoken word expressions is Storytelling.

My favorites are dragon, wizardry and magic tales, fairy tales and fantasy because they fascinate me. While not my sole repertoire, they are what I find most fun.

Mixed with stories are interactive games, craft activities and odds-n-ends.

Lets's just hop straight to the most important word-- play.

Which brings me full circle--my spoken word artistry is playful and interactive--join me in a bit of magic.

Just look for Dusty Skye.

Rd Walks      Tour Guide

Hanker to do a bit of simple movement at some of Los Angeles' beautiful nature spots?

And, you want to reach them via public transportation?

Sweet! Let's connect!

One of my favorites is doing what I call the 1st third of Yang's longstyle (t'ai chi ch'uan) at a So. Cal. beach in the early morning. Then, there's always space for a bit of Chi Kung with the tree people.

Should movement not be your thing, there are storytelling walks for kids and kids-at-heart; art walks; as well as odd-history walks.

With over 10 years of docenting experience, there's always interesting information to share.

BodyMindSpirit      Energy & Balance

Most of us have words to describe various states, feelings, and sensations. Yet, we've been taught--growing up, in school, on-the-job--to ignore what we feel, sense, and observe. Most of us have been taught to rely on what someone else says is actually going on.

Just because we have been taught to believe something, doesn't make what we believe true.

What do you believe about the body, mind, emotions, and spirit?

I share information on what facilitates my balance, health, joy and harmony. Topics include: bodywork, t'ai chi ch'uan, nourishment, self-awareness, massage & self-massage, and other tools to gain clarity and choice.

The possibilities of exploration are vast.