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LostAwareness -

Advocacy is expression .... Specifically it's expression with intent to empower. The intent can be for self-empowerment or other-empowerment.

"Other-" can be oriented toward homo sapiens, animal, mineral, vegetable, nature, information, space or the *something* that is meaningful to you.

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Dusty Skye -
Performance Artist

Using the power of voice and the dynamics of movement, energy, play, creativity and imagination, I tell tales in the style of ancient and renaissance storytellers.

Wandering from town to town, village to village, tribe to tribe, castle to castle -- wherever people gather -- binding communication with the fullfillment of building community.

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Rd Walks -
Tour Guide

City Walks, Nature Walks, Story Walks, T'ai Chi/Chi Kung Walks -- short, sweet, easy, complete. For leisure, education, entertainment and the pleasure of being.

Whether you are a resident or tourist explorer, there are places in Los Angeles that you may not have known were there. On the other hand, you may want to know the story of a place you pass all the time.

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BodyMindSpirit -
Energy & Balance

The body. The mind. The emotions. The spirit. Distinct yet interconnected.

No one thing works for every person. The information I share on what facilitates my balance, health, joy and harmony is myriad: topics such as body work, t'ai chi ch'uan, food, self-talk, massage & self-massage, and other tools to gain clarity in self-awareness and choice.

All too often we allow circumstances to skew our perspective, rather than allowing our perspective to balance our circumstances.

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Thoughts for the season

  • Be the difference. Stand up for someone today. If you can't stand up for someone else, help them find someone who can.
  • What more poignant and greater gift do we give, other than to point our focus on another and say "I'm glad you exist"?
  • Play.

Quote of the moment

We are often so busy scanning the horizon, looking for big things coming from far away, that we fail to notice those things that are closest to us.

Joseph Bruchac